Driveway Sealer in Plano

Why Seal Your Asphalt Driveway?

Any asphalt surface can develop cracks over time. You should not let them get bigger or wider as they can give a shabby appearance to your driveway besides being a safety hazard. You must bring in a driveway sealer to restore the surface to its original shape. Now, if you are up to it, then the driveway repair can be handled without calling in an agency from outside. The decision may also depend on how bad the cracks are. If you are not sure of handling it, call in a reliable asphalt service provider like Skye Asphalt in Plano, TX to do it for you. Another major request from our users is Driveway sealer. Plano is a city which is commercialized highly which demands maintence of common area highly, so the demand for Driveway slealer in plano is high.

What Do You Need to Carry Out the Driveway Repair?

Here is a long list of items you will have to pick up from the store near you that sells all home improvement stuff. These include:

  • Pressure washer
  • Asphalt cleaner (Latex-ite Driveway Cleaner/Degreaser Powerwash are two popular brands used)
  • Oil cleaner (Latex-ite Oil Spot Primer is recommended)
  • Asphalt crack filler (Flexmaster Crack Sealer or equivalent)
  • Cold asphalt patch (Suggested product is Road Rescue Asphalt Patch)
  • Driveway sealant (Try Rust-oleum Epoxy Blacktop Coating)

Besides these, you will require a stiff broom, an old screwdriver, wire brushes and a squeegee.

The brands mentioned here are just suggestions and you are free to choose the ones that are available to you and serve the purpose.

If you can get all these items, you are good to go.

Step-by-Step Driveway Sealing Process

Removing the dirt and debris from the cracked areas is the first thing you need to do. You can use the old screwdriver to remove any rocks or stones stuck in the gap. Pull out the weeds that have grown in the gaps.

You will then have to clean the whole asphalt driveway surface. There could be oil stains or other such deposits. You must use the asphalt cleaner to remove these and then use the pressure washer to clean the surface. You will then have to wait until the asphalt dries completely before going to the next step.

The filling of cracks can be started with larger gaps first. You have to simply fill them with the cold asphalt patch. It’s a thick compound that does not require heating. You will have to allow it to cure. Cold asphalt patch manufacturers mention the time it takes to cure. The solution will find the gaps and settle automatically. Similarly, the smaller cracks can also be taken care of, using the driveway crack filler.

Applying the asphalt sealer is the next task. You have to apply two coats of the sealant. This is done using the squeegee and spreading it evenly. After the first coat is cured, the second coat has to be applied. 

The ideal way to apply the driveway sealer using the squeegee is to apply the first coat in one direction and the next in a direction perpendicular to the first. The sealant has an elastomer in it that helps the filled cracks remain stable even when the ambient temperature goes too high or too low. The sealant expands and contracts appropriately.

Some Common Things to Remember

There are a few things to remember while trying to fill the cracks in your driveway. The process outlined here has mentioned the cold Latex-ite asphalt filler. If you are keen on having a longer-lasting driveway repair job, it is advisable to use the hot stick which has to be melted. The melting is to be done by directing the flames on the stick from a butane torch. It needs a deft touch. You must do this only if you are comfortable with it. You have to be careful while using the pressure washer. Ensure that no water remains on the driveway since debris may be stuck to the surface along with the water.

Wherever time gaps are to be observed, like curing or setting, follow the directions on the packages of the respective products. 

Another bit of advice for better results is to take up the driveway crack filling job in mild weather, not when it is too hot or too cold.

This way of filling cracks on an asphalt driveway cannot be compared with the asphalt paving work carried out by professional outfits like Skye Asphalt in Plano, TX. Their work will naturally be superior and therefore long-lasting.

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