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Everything You Need to Know About Parking Lot Striping and Markings

You would love those parking lots that have beautiful striping and markings in different colors into which you can ease your car and go about your business. The parking lot paint is done to earmark the general parking spaces, those meant for handicapped drivers and to show you the entry and exit to/from the parking lot as well. Plano has many such parking lots and you may find that most of the parking lot striping has been carried out by Skye Asphalt. They provide these services regularly in the city. There are multiple factors involved in parking lot striping you should know about.

Why Have Parking Lot Striping and Markings?

The main purpose of these striping and markings is to have some kind of order in the parking lot when people drive in and out of it. A well-planned parking lot with logical markings on the surface ensures that there will be no or very few mishaps. There may be an odd case when a driver is at fault, but you do not want your parking lot layout to be defective.

Parking lot striping and markings are part of the State’s law too. It designates parking space for cars driven by handicapped people. There are state laws that mandate that public parking lots must reserve one bay for parking for handicapped people for every 25 cars under the general category. Regular drivers of cars know this and follow the rules strictly. There are exceptions too and the authorities monitor and take action against such violators.

Another important requirement is for the Fire Lanes to be marked in bold red and are to be strictly avoided while parking your vehicles. The purpose is, if there were to be an emergency and the fire tenders rush to the building to douse the fire, their progress should not be halted by cars being parked on the way. Again, this is mandated by law.

The Typical Markings in a Parking Lot

If the parking lot surface has asphalt paving, the blacktop gives the ideal background for the parking lot paint to appear clearly, even from a distance. The markings are usually done in bright white lines and arrows where needed. The portion reserved for handicapped people is usually painted in blue with a wheelchair silhouette in the center. Where no parking is permitted, space is indicated with yellow stripes and ‘No Parking’ written clearly.

Is There a Special Paint Used for Parking Lot Striping and Markings?

Indeed yes, the parking lot paint usually preferred is a water-based acrylic paint. There was a time when a stencil would be used and the paint applied with a brush to get the lines straight. There are nice machines that handle this work efficiently now. The stencils are still used for the other markings like arrows, mentioning the speed limits, etc. Some parking lots have other warnings as well, like Go Slow or limiting the number of cars that can be parked.

How Often Does the Striping Have to be Redone?

That depends on individual cases. If the lines have dimmed and are not visible in low light conditions, you should call in the parking lot striping and markings expert to redo the work. The standard timeframe is once in around two years. Then the asphalt surface itself may have to be redone and at that time you will have to get the lot painting done again.

Are There Fixed Dimensions for Allotting Parking Spaces?

Parking lot owners can use their discretion but there are indeed certain dimensions followed by the experts. Then again, the style of parking varies with each parking lot in Plano. Some have 90° angle parking while some have varying degrees like 75°, 60° and 45°. In a standard 90° parking, 9 feet x 18 feet is marked as the parking space and a 24 feet distance is left for the cars to be backed while exiting. These dimensions vary when parking styles differ.

Best Left to Experts to Handle

In a city like Plano, you have firms like Skye Asphalt who are not only reliable driveway pavers but can handle parking lot striping and markings too. They have the men and machinery to execute a perfect job. You can safely leave your work to them.