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At Skye Asphalt, it’s our goal to be your first choice when you need a reliable contractor for asphalt sealcoating and paving projects in Plano, TX. We have worked on a range of projects throughout the area, from shopping center parking lots and residential driveways to municipal roadways. We’re ready to deliver professional, prompt services that are completed on budget and on time. We exclusively offer Asphalt Paving in Plano TX, Call us for a free estimate

We know that all asphalt paving jobs are unique, and that is why we offer no-obligation quotes. Our estimate processes help us provide excellent service while making project planning that much easier. We’re here not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. With our attention to detail, your paved surfaces will be ready to use as soon as we’re finished. We offer a range of asphalt paving services, such as:

If you’re in need of any of these services, our experienced, trained team members will be glad to help. We only use materials that meet the most stringent specifications, and we’ll arrive at your site with everything we need to get the job done. If you have any questions about our services, or if you’d like to request a free quote, call us at Skye Asphalt today.

Asphalt Paving in Plano TX

Plano Asphalt Paving

At Plano Asphalt Paving, we are the leading choice for asphalt paving in Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas, installing custom residential asphalt driveways for all of our friends and neighbors in the local Plano community. All of our asphalt experts have the experience and skills necessary to pave any asphalt driveway, both residential and commercial.  

If you’re a home or a business owner, you know how essential it is to keep your driveway in excellent condition. It boosts your home’s value, adds curb appeal, and provides a smooth, hard surface to drive and park on. Asphalt is the most common surface for driveways, parking lots, and roads due to its superior durability. When you need reliable asphalt contractors, we’re the company to call. Our expert driveway contractors will head to your home for a consultation and quote. All of our employees are thoroughly vetted, and our business is licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in any eventuality. However, all our customers are satisfied with the work we provide, because we put in the extra time and effort to ensure the job gets done correctly the first time.

Choose Plano Asphalt Paving for All Your Residential and Commercial Asphalt Needs

Here at Plano Asphalt Paving, we provide asphalt paving for residential and commercial applications. No job is too big or too small—we have the staff, the equipment, and the materials to take on any job you may need. Whether it’s a parking lot for a shopping center, a highway, or even just a small residential driveway, we can handle it. Every job is unique and requires different kinds of expertise. That’s why it’s imperative to have workers equipped for every type of asphalt job that may arise. All of our employees are also dedicated to workplace safety, which keeps them safe, and our customers safe, too. Every job we accept, we complete efficiently, on time, and within budget.

We Are the Leading Choice for Asphalt Contracting Services in Plano

We only use the highest quality asphalt, ensuring that every job we complete is installed and paved correctly. We only use superior quality products, so it lasts through the test of time and everyday wear and tear. When you choose Plano Asphalt Paving, you’re getting the highest quality and value for your money: we never, ever cut costs by using inferior materials. All of our materials have to meet our stringent standards before we use them for a job—that’s why we’re the premier choice for asphalt contractors in the Plano, Texas community and the surrounding areas. We offer asphalt driveways, driveway repair, seal coating, asphalt paving, asphalt repair, resurfacing, and we also do all of the site preparation and excavation before the actual paving.

Since we are from Plano, we know what it takes to be the leading asphalt and paving contractors in the local community. It takes hard work, superior quality materials, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. All of those qualities have earned us our broad base of customers, both residential and commercial. We have the capabilities to take on large commercial jobs down to small residential jobs; whether the customer only needs minor repairs or even a brand-new driveway or complete overlay, we can handle it. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote for all of your asphalt needs in Plano, TX.

Parking Lot Maintenance

At Skye Asphalt, our routine maintenance services can help you save money. We specialize in sealcoating, asphalt parking lot repair, asphalt patching, striping, and crack sealing to help secure your investment and keep it looking great. Call us for services such as:

  • Parking lot resurfacing and repairs. Surface failure is a common issue in Plano’s parking lots. We’ll mill away the topmost layer of asphalt and replace it with fresh, undamaged materials. If deeper failures are detected, we’ll mill the area down to its base, re-compact it, and install new asphalt.
  • Parking lot reconfiguration. Have you purchased a new property that needs an overhaul? We can help! With years of experience and hundreds of parking lot installations under our belts, we can get any project done on time and within your budget.

Whether you’re repaving a small lot or a large one, we’re ready to do the job. Call today for more information or to request a quote.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Our sealcoating services will extend the lifespan of any asphalt surface. Asphalt replacement is a costly process, while sealcoating offers a more cost-effective solution. With our help, you can put off replacing your driveway or parking lot until it’s necessary.

As asphalt weathers, it deteriorates, dries out, and becomes brittle. This occurs naturally due to its exposure to the elements and to traffic, of which there’s plenty here in Plano.

Sealcoating replenishes the asphalt’s surface with protective agents, keeping the uppermost layer in place and preventing deterioration. The process protects the asphalt from oil and gas leaks, as well as other problems that may cause damage. It also keeps surfaces very moisture-resistant, imparting a rich, deep color that will enhance the appearance of any property. We recommend having your parking lot or driveway sealcoated every two or three years, depending on traffic, wear and tear, and other factors. At Skye Asphalt, we offer maintenance programs to help keep your surfaces looking pristine for years to come. Call today for more details

Our service includes both Asphalt and concrete paving.

We are a full-service Asphalt paving and Sealcoating company in Plano,TX!

Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving - Asphalt Paving Grand Rapids

Asphalt Paving

We do Asphalt from the Gravel up & Overlays.

Grand Rapids Sealcoating | Sealcoating Grand Rapids

Asphalt Sealcoating

The most cost-effective way to Protect and Beautify your Asphalt.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Repair | Asphalt Repair Grand Rapids

Asphalt Repair

Saw cut and replace badly cracked areas.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Crack Filling | Asphalt Repair Crack Filling Grand Rapids

Asphalt Driveway Repair

Filling Cracks is the First Defense against Moisture and water.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving Site Preparation  | Asphalt Paving Site  Preparation Grand Rapids

Site Preparation
And Excavation

Give your Asphalt the strength it needs to Last.

Grand Rapids Parking Lot Striping | Parking Lot Striping Grand Rapids

Lot Striping
and Markings

Give your Lot that Precision look.

General Service Overview: Plano Asphalt Paving

At Plano Asphalt Paving, we offer comprehensive concrete and asphalt paving services. All of our customers know that when they hire us, we can take on any job they may have, no matter how large or small. We’re locally owned and operated, and we know the importance of community, especially in these uncertain times. All of our employees are thoroughly dedicated to providing the best quality asphalt and paving services possible. Here is a general overview of the services we provide to the Plano, TX, community full of our friends and neighbors.

Asphalt Paving: Residential and Commercial

Our primary services include asphalt paving in Plano, TX. We can handle any commercial or residential job with ease, from the largest parking lots to the smallest driveways. Our ability to handle any job, our excellence in customer service, and our attention to detail are why we’re the best asphalt contractors in Plano. The professional driveway contractors who make up our team have years of experience with large commercial asphalt paving jobs and smaller residential jobs. They have the unique skill sets and the expertise required to take on any job, and we always finish on time and within budget constraints, too.

Driveway Repair: Concrete and Asphalt

If you need driveway repair in Plano, TX, we are the company to call. At Plano Asphalt Paving, we offer asphalt driveway repair and concrete driveway repair for residential and commercial applications. Though concrete and asphalt are two of the most durable surfaces for driveways, after some years of daily wear and tear and driving, they can develop cracks, fissures, stains and start to crumble. If your driveway is in disrepair, just give us a call. We will come and give you a no-obligation quote on how to best proceed in repairing your driveway back to its original condition.

Driveway Services

We have the skills and equipment to take on huge parking lots and commercial applications, but we can also do any driveway paving in Plano, TX. We proudly serve the Plano community as their only choice for driveway contractors and concrete contractors, too. Our expert pavers consider every aspect so we can put the proper foundation for your driveway. We know that it takes more than just pouring asphalt to create a sturdy and durable driveway. Our talented workers will go over every measurement, including width, thickness, proper placement, and drainage, all of which add up to a driveway that will last you for years.

Concrete Driveways

When it’s time to get a new concrete driveway or concrete driveway repair in Plano, TX, contact us at Plano Asphalt Paving. We have the concrete contractor experience to give you a beautiful and smooth concrete driveway. Our driveway contractors will guide you through every step of the process: planning the details, removing your old driveway, preparing the base and foundation, preparing for paving, pouring and leveling the concrete, and then finishing. When we’re done, you’re going to love the way your home or business looks with a brand new concrete driveway.

Driveway Resurfacing

We also offer driveway resurfacing in Plano, TX, and the surrounding communities as long as your driveway’s structure and the foundation are still sound. We can take on any job involving driveway paving, driveway repair, and driveway resurfacing. When our expert driveway contractors come to your home, we have a multi-step process that will have your driveway’s surface refinished and resurfaced until it looks brand new again. We will clean your old driveway, repair all the cracks and holes, cover the surface with primer, and we add color and sealant to protect against the elements. The final step is curing, which takes about 48-72 hours to have your driveway completed cured (which is different from drying) and ready to drive over.

Choose Plano Asphalt Paving for The Best Concrete and Asphalt Contractive Services in Plano, TX

When you need asphalt or concrete contracting services in Plano, TX, give us a call here at Plano Asphalt and Paving. We provide paving, asphalt driveways, concrete driveways, driveway repair, and driveway resurfacing for the local Plano community and the surrounding areas. We can transform any driveway into a brand new and durable surface that will last for years. No matter how big or small the job is, we can handle it, from substantial commercial lots or even smaller residential driveways or walkways. Call us today at Plano Asphalt Paving for a consultation and quote for all of your residential and commercial concrete and asphalt contracting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re hiring a paving company for the first time, you likely have a few questions about the process. Here, we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions about our asphalt paving services.

  • Will asphalt meet my paving requirements? The condition of a driveway or parking lot says a lot about its owners. A damage-free, well-paved surface shows that you’re concerned about appearances and others’ safety. Asphalt is a reliable, durable paving material that provides performance equal to or better than some costlier options.
  • How long will a paved driveway or parking lot last? When a surface is properly installed with good products, you can expect it to last 30 years or more. With effective maintenance, some projects may last up to 50 years.
  • Is it possible to repair my existing surface? Asphalt is one of the easiest paving surfaces to repair. Consult one of our experts today to discuss your repair options.
  • How can I maintain a newly paved surface to keep it looking great? There are a few things our customers can do to maintain their driveways and parking lots. Treating gas and oil spills, keeping weeds under control, filling cracks, and calling us for periodic sealcoating will extend the life of your asphalt surface.
  • How thick should the pavement be? The thickness of asphalt pavement has a big impact on the surface’s structural integrity. With that in mind, anything thicker than three inches is too much for a home’s driveway. Anything thinner than three inches will decrease the surface’s lifespan, unless it’s an overlay on an existing asphalt driveway.

We understand that our customers have options when it comes to paving surfaces, and we’re glad that you’ve put your trust in us. Call the pros at Skye Asphalt today with any concerns or questions.


Our Services Make a Difference

Skye Asphalt provides detailed, yet simple asphalt solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our sales and installation teams will work with you to understand and fulfill your needs. The process begins when we visit your site to assess its surfaces.

Though in-person consultations are best, we understand that it’s not always possible for busy customers. We’ll plan the specifics of our services around your schedule, your concerns, and your requirements. Contact us online or by phone today to request a no-obligation consultation with a Plano asphalt paving expert.

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