How to Properly Maintain Your Driveway? I Plano Asphalt Paving

How to Properly Maintain Your Driveway?

As you will have understood, the maintenance of your driveway will mainly depend on the material from which it is made. To help you see more clearly, here are some recommendations.

Maintain a gravel driveway

Very common, gravel walkways can quickly become unsightly and inefficient when not maintained.

First of all, know that the installation of a mulching canvas (or geotextile canvas) under the gravel will considerably lighten the chore of weeding. On the other hand, in the absence of this canvas, it is estimated that we will have to weed at least twice a year. It will also be necessary to ensure that the dead leaves are collected several times a month in the fall to prevent them from decomposing and forming a breeding ground for weed growth. Finally, if you notice a loss of thickness (after about 3 years), you will have to add gravel.

In terms of disadvantages, note that the gravel driveway is uncomfortable when walking barefoot and is also relatively noisy.

Maintain a wooden driveway

Aesthetic, elegant, and functional, the wooden path offers a warm and friendly aspect in a garden.

The frequency of its maintenance will depend mainly on the type of wood chosen. Also, rot-resistant wood species will be more resistant and less demanding in terms of maintenance. However, the latter will also be more expensive. To ensure the durability of your wooden driveway while reducing maintenance, it is strongly recommended to opt for class 4 wood, specifically suitable for use on outdoor floors.

In any case, once or twice a year you will need to go through the cleaning of your driveway, using a brush broom and water, in order to dislodge dirt and other residues of foam that could have been left behind. If you find that the wood is starting to take on a grayish tint, applying a degreaser will restore your wood driveway to its original color.

Maintain a paved or paved driveway

The aging of walkways made of slabs or cobblestones is often caused by the accumulation of dust, humidity, or pollution.

To avoid too regular and restrictive maintenance, the application of a water repellent product is recommended. As with our new shoes, stone needs to be protected against liquids and dirt that could damage it. Acting like an invisible barrier on your driveway, its maintenance will become much easier: you just need to wipe it with a brush and water from time to time.

On the other hand, if you live in a humid and rainy region, the application of an anti-foam product is advisable. Finally, if your paved or paved driveway also serves as a siding, it will be better to apply a protective sealant to it to avoid the appearance of stains. This product will make the material much more resistant to various stains and easier to maintain, while allowing it to breathe. It will also have the effect of enhancing the color of your slabs or pavers.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Driveway?
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