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How to Arrange Your Driveway or Aisles

Functional, aesthetic, harmonious, and comfortable: the role of the garden path is multiple. Connecting the street to your house entrance, it allows you to move around safely without getting dirty; sneaking between the massifs of your exterior, it allows you a little moment of reverie and contemplation; joining the road at your garage door, it offers a passable path for your vehicle. Also, the good layout of your path or your paths in the garden is essential. We guide you…

What are the functions of the aisle?

Before drawing and building your driveway, it is first necessary to define its functions. This can be used to cross an outdoor space without hindrance and without getting dirty, to highlight a composition of massifs or to allow a car to pass. Before starting your work, you should therefore ask yourself the right questions.

First step, it will be necessary to identify with precision what are your needs, in other words for what use is your driveway intended. Who will use it: only pedestrians, or will it be used for passing vehicles? What will be the frequency of passage? Will this path be used to lead to the vegetable garden or to the garage? Will it be used by a person with reduced mobility? In light of your answers, your driveway will not be constructed in the same way: it may be more or less wide, made of one material rather than another, require more or less extensive earthwork, etc.

Next, you will need to take into consideration the configuration of your land. Depending on the area and topology of your land, you will not choose the same type of driveway. In addition, it will be necessary to take into account your vegetation so that your path, beyond its purely functional aspect, integrates in an aesthetic and harmonious way in your garden. To do this, it may be wise to hire a landscape architect to draw the plans of the garden and its paths.

What are the different types of aisles?

Depending on your needs and the style of your garden, there are different types of paths. Let’s review this big family…

The main aisle

Its purpose is to connect the street to the entrance of your house. Depending on the style, the needs and the architecture of your house, it can be of different widths. However, we will not descend below 1.20 m in order to allow two people to be able to move side by side without a problem. If you plan to border this path of plants, do not hesitate to allow about ten additional centimeters on either side, for more comfort.

The alley to walk

The main purpose of this is to allow you a pleasant walk in the middle of the massifs and the vegetation, while preserving them. Narrower, these aisles are generally around 1 meter wide.

The driveway for the car

Making the connection between the street and your garage, it is wider and more robust than the main driveway since it is intended to support the comings and goings of your vehicle. The width for a safe and comfortable driveway is considered to be at least 3 meters wide.

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